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March 1, 2019

New Features

This newsletter edition is all about new features!

We've recently had a bit of interest in integrating with Ship Station for shipping labels, as well as Retail Edge (POS). Please let us know if this is of interest to you as well, or if you have other third party software programs you would be interested in integrating into your shopping cart.

Are there any new features that *you* would like to see this spring? Please let us know! :)

Basket Contents

For the cart contents page, which lists out the items in a customer's basket, there are two new links for each item in the basket: Remove and Update

The Remove link will take the product out of their basket and display a text message letting the customer know which item they have just removed. The text message also provides a link back to the detailed view of the removed product, in case they accidentally removed the wrong item or change their mind and would like to add it back in.

The Update link is just below the quantity box for each item in the customer's basket, making it easy to see how to raise or lower the quantity for any given basket item.

The other new feature for the shopping cart page is the ability to cross sell other products which are related to the products in the cart, or products of your choosing that you would like to specifically promote. (This feature is currently in testing, please email us to be included.)

Detailed Product View Pages

There is a new side view layout which can be enabled under Store Settings, Inventory Display Settings, using the checkbox next to "Display the Detailed View of a Product with the Picture on the Left and the Text on the Right." This setting affects the detailed view of a product in the shopping cart, causing the large image to display on the left, with the description text immediately to the right.

There is also a new "Related Categories" feature, which will enable a "Related Categories" section on the detailed view of the product. This section will provide a linked list to all of the Additional Departments that a product is assigned to, making it easy for the customer to jump to a related category from the detailed view of a product. (This feature is currently in testing, please email us to be included.)

Mobile Friendly Changes

We have made numerous changes to make the shopping cart pages mobile friendly. If you find areas where your shopping cart is not mobile friendly, please email us, as it could be due to your shopping cart template / design. We would be happy to help you check into it further!

Store Manager

The ability to create a new customer order from within the store manager interface can be useful for orders placed via the phone or the check-out counter. This is currently in a final testing round, please email us if you would like to be included in the test group for this one.

Subscription Manager

One other feature currently in testing that we wanted to mention is the Subscription Manager. This new module can be used for block of the month and other subscription-based programs, where you need to let customers sign up online or via the store manager, track membership lists, and generate monthly shipment orders. Please drop us a note if you would like more information and / or would like to be involved in testing.

Payment Gateways and More

In our next newsletter, we'll cover new payment gateway interfaces that are available for Stripe and Square, along with information on how payment gateways work with your ecommerce transactions. And of course, more new features! ;)

If you have a topic of interest that you'd like to see us talk more about, feel free to let us know.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!